Web Design: What it means to me.

Amit Benerji describes it best when he says that “Your web site exists for a purpose. It exists to market your product or service, make a favorable impression, and induce people to come back regularly.”  It is imperative that the designer consider these points when developing their website. As we all know, the aesthetics of a site is a superficial  psychological game. As a developer, it not only matters how successful the outside is, but also how successful the inside is.

I found a website that outlines 5 Important Rules in Website Design. The author stresses the importance in the “less is more” approach in order to achieve a well performing website.  Here are the subjects that this designer covers in this article: Do not use splash pages, Do not use excessive banner advertisements, Have a simple and clear navigation, Have a clear indication where the user is and Avoid using audio on your site. I could not agree more with the latter. I hate going to a website and there is some song playing while I am trying to read. I really dont see the point in it.

CSS Web Design and Basics is an excellent resource to go to when your not really sure how CSS enhances your site.  The author outlines some basics to CSS and then gives lots of places to go to for tips and tricks on how to make CSS a part of your internal coding instead of just an enhancement. This site has heavy traffic and those who comment also have interesting and useful links to visit.

In my opinion, web design is successful when the user is able navigate the site with ease, they are visually pleased and interested while at the same time totally oblivious of all that the designer has gone through so that the audience can have that seamless interaction.

By the way, I found this site that gives tips on how to build your own wordpress theme.

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  1. My favorite motto is ‘Less is More’. You also need to make sure that when designing for the user, you consider their internet speed cause Dial-up still exists, unfortunately and you need to consider how long it will take everything to load other wise people turn around and leave your site. Just a tip.

  2. Very nice Dan the man!!

    I agree with you that web design should be something that is for the consumer, while pleasing the client. People need to navigate without 15 clicks and see the information and/or services offered without becoming bombarded with pop up adds, flash banners, and music.

  3. You make me wish i would have found a quote by someone who has put it better than i did at 3 am plus i really liked the quote from Amit Benerji ! I didnt read the website but your description of 5 important rules of web design was sort of like one of the sites I came across and I really liked and agreed with all of those rules.

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