The Float Layouts…

Float layouts are known to be a good organizational and designing tool. I have just learned of a Liquid layout.  There is a helpful site called Max Design. They define a liquid layout as; “All containers on the page have their widths defined in percents – meaning that they are completely based on the viewport rather than the initial containing block. A liquid layout will move in and out when you resize your browser window.” So I said to myself, “Self, what is the big deal weather the bounderies are absolute or floating?” I came to the conlusion that it is a usability tool. You have probably had a need for one and didnt even know it.  And right now I notice that wordpress uses Liquid layouts.

Autistic Cukoo explains the floating layout in a easy to understand manner. Simply put, you can only float things left or right and it is generally used for images.  He goes into a deeper discussion, but that is about the gest of the article.

Netmag has a great tutorial on layout design and you can download a PDF file. According to the comments, its a valuable tutorial. I havnt downloaded it yet but I most definitely will.

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  1. Liquid Layouts now that sounds pretty cool. I’m going to check that out. I read something about nesting floats inside floats and it was using percentages. Are you planning on trying to incorporate that into your designs?

  2. i also found autistic cuckoo to be helpful. i liked the way he explained it and stated how certain things dont work the way some people may think!

  3. Yeah I think it would be a good thing to use. Especially if you about user comfort.

  4. No, not when it’s a background image Danny. There shouldn’t be a problem, which is my problem. (Just had an epiphany) I think I figured it out though. I have to go test it.

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