The 5 in review…..

Initially I looked for premium website designers. I like to google them as a source for different layout ideas.  I dont want to be stuck in the branding top, navigation top or side and some content. I like to see how people keep with  basic formating yet think outside of the box.

4 stroke jeans– A site dedicated to fashionable jeans. I like the openness to the site. It uses a font other than the basic Arial, Helvetica or such. I like the additional sub links in the site info area. I find the site interesting because it doesn’t use multiple graphics and words to bring about a point. Its simple and only uses white background with black letting. To me, the main images are the best part of the site. These images are creative and very professional.

JewelSuite – A geological remodeling and reservoir simulation software company. Forget what all that means (cause I dont have much of a clue) but I really like the colors used, and again the white background, Maybe I should consider that for my website. This site also offers a couple separate  navigations bars. The site map along with the client log in is at the top of the page (cool!) . The images are also a big seller for me for this website. In my comp the CODARUS logo was branded all along the top, here it only takes up a part of the left side and uses white space across the top. It shows off the logo without it being overpowering. Ive already done my wireframes, if I had done this assignment first I would have rethought the layout again.

Siena Kitchen Design– A Kitchen Design web site, uses color and beautiful images to bring in its users.  In general I really like the use of photography and images to bring about a mood, this site does a great job for me. The layout is simple and easy to navigate.  I really like the background color and may actually use it on my comps.

Pine Cone Hill – A bedding and sleepwear distributor. Has a nice home page with bright colors.  I like the elongated images at the bottom that show the user a sample of different product. The have a “Where to buy” feature that helps the user to find their closest Pine Cone Hill retail store. They use drop down and basic formatting that helps the user to find a close store. Its simple and fast.

Yves Delorme – A fine linen vendor. Gray background, white text and green links. The home page has rotating images. The font is in lower case on the navigation bar which helps to make the design simplistic yet elegant. Because the company is from Paris, they offer the site in French and in English.  What I found funny was that the site offers instructions on how to fold napkins. It has a virtual book that you can turn the pages on and get the instructions. Pretty funny……

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  1. I like the sites you have chosen for review. Especially the siena Kitchen design. The layout is great looking. I like the slide show they have going in the main image window. I think the first site you chose has a little to much going on as far as the splash page. I think this is a prime example of what Mr. B was talking about when he was speaking on splash pages and the necessity of them. The last site Yves Delorme was really nice. It really reminds me of what you were trying to do. I like the the layout also. I think for your site this is a good reference for you.

    • I said that splash pages were a necessity? In what lifetime?

  2. i would say out of all those i liked the siena kitchen. I liked the color and pictures. After all they are there for their product so the pictures draw people in with good images of their products that their customers must have!

  3. I absolutely LOVE the sienna website. It was gorgeous. So simple yet so sophisticated. I think you should do something similar. Customers would certainly surf through a website that pretty even if it doesn’t have anything to offer them. I would.

  4. I really like the pine cone hill site and the yves delorme site. Very clean and classy.

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