Holy Moley! I forgot about this part….

I had my number game all worked out and then , I lost it. Totally my fault but didnt realize it till this morning and didnt have enough time to re do it. Then I just realized that I didnt upload last weeks programs. What is the deal! So here is this weeks homework.

examples 3_1- 3_5

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The Informational Info-Structure of Information in Neatly Packaged Little Boxes Called a Table

The title dosnt make sense but its fun to look at. So tables are easy enough to do. I dig em’.  Its regimented and consistent in its coding. Since I have had this class before, I know that the document.write thing will be coming soon.

However, I did have a problem with one thing.  I wanted  to change the color of the font in different rows. So I wondered how to do that. For example, if I wanted the names in each row to be a different color, do I have to div out each of those? There has got to be an easier way. Other than that, its all good in the hood.

Now what is my “real world problem”? Well I guess  I can be too sensitive at times, or that I eat too fast, or maybe its that I have abandonment issues. How could I possibly explain those in an algorithm. Besides , I think the population as a whole has a pretty good grasp on how to feel lost, bulimic , overwhelmed and insecure.

Coffee can surely make it all better. So here is how I make coffee

water in coffee maker

coffee in filter

hit power button

stare at coffee maker till brewed

pour coffee

drink coffee

Wk 1 assignment Table

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